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Our philosophy is simple. We believe that in order to initiate change we must:
Engage | Educate | Monitor | Manage

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Companies, large and small, spend billions of dollars annually on solutions that produce minimal to no results. Without interaction, change is unlikely. The CHAMP Personal Health Manager is designed to meet users where they are at today so they do not feel overwhelmed trying to achieve unrealistic expectations.


Change doesn’t happen overnight. Creating a solution that is simple for the individual to implement is our key to success. The CHAMP PHM program offers proactive medical care that keeps participants moving forward one step at a time.

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There’s nothing more encouraging than to see progress each month. Showing each individual where they are excelling and where they may be at risk, allows them to focus their energy where it matters most. 


With the convenience of our technology, individuals have instant and easy access to manage their health solution from anywhere. By taking the guesswork out of the equation the CHAMP PHM offers the greatest chance for success. 

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